Bidaş Summer Practice Report


BİDAŞ started business in Bursa, Turkey in 1975 as a coldstore which has served the fresh market but has since expanded its business into IQF fruits and vegetables as well. Its frozen storage capacity is 35.000 m3 with the daily productioncapacity of 100 mt and 20.000 mt per annum.

BİDAŞ’s Bursa plant has long years experience in preparing fruits and vegetables to exacting spesifications for well known international frozen fruit and vegetable product manufacturers.

Its exports contain 80 % of its turnover and 90 % of its exports are to EU countries. It mainly export to food professionals such as dairy producers, food ingredients producers and frozen ready meal processors.

HACCP and ISO 9002 are well established and ISO 9001:2000 should be implemented by the end of 2003. As well as IQF fruit products, which are produced in line with EEC regulations, BİDAŞ produces IQF vegetables for multinational frozen packers and retail customers. The plant has been designed in such a way that it can be very versatile to cater for all kinds of product lines. Upgraded steam blanching and packing equipment allow for top quality product manufactured to exacting standarts.

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