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    Biscuit Additives ( Kenan ÖZ )

    BISCUIT ADDITIVES Prepared  by Kenan ÖZ What is biscuit? Title: Biscuit Document Type and Number: United States Patent 4650685 Link to this…

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    Food Additives Summary

    Introduction The use of food additives is an emotional topic which continues to provoke consumer concern. Despite modern-day associations food additives have…

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    Gıda Katkı Maddeleri Ders Notu

    Bursa Tarım Meslek Lisesi Gıda Teknolojisi –3 Ders Notları Gıda Katkı Maddeleri Ders Öğretmeni İlker GÜL Ziraat Mühendisi 2003/2004 Tanımı : Uygarlığa…

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    Name Comments Albumin# Ambergris# derived from whale Arachidonic acid# derived from liver, brain, animal origin gland or oil Aronia derived from aronia…

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    E300 – E385

    Number Name Comments E300 Ascorbic acid flour treating agent, ‘vitamin C’; may be made synthetically from glucose, naturally occurs in fruit and…

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    E100 – E181

    Number Name Comments E100# Cur cumin orange-yellow colour; derived from the root of the curcuma (turmeric) plant, but can be artificially produced;…

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