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What is biscuit?

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1.A biscuit, consisting of agglomerated granules of an extrusion cooked base, which are coated with a binder.

2.The biscuit has a density of from 0.3 to 0.8 g/cm3 and a water content of from 1.5 to 4.5% by weight.

3.The base consists of from 40 to 80 parts by weight of cereal flour, from 0 to 20 parts by weight of sucrose and from 0.5 to 3 parts by weight of oil or fat.

4.The base has a specific weight of from 0.1 to 0.3 g/cm3.

5.The binder consists of from 8 to 30 parts by weight of sucrose and/or mixtures of glucose and its polymers.

How biscuits are made?

INGREDIENTS: Flour with baking powder, sugar, salt, vegetable oil and food additives as that glucose, invert sugar, egg, milk powder, whey powder, starch and enough water.

DOUGH: This is a process where all ingredients are  put together in right proportion for dough formation. These ingredient are then fed into Mixers where mixing is done and dough is prepared for molding .

MOULDING: We laminate the dough into sheet which then passes down to gauge rollers and sheet thickness achieved for cutting . Here we have a cutter or a moulder as per the variety where one gets the shape and sizes of biscuits.

BAKING: The area where we pass these moulded wet biscuit into baking oven. The biscuits are baked on desired temperatures. Various type of heating are available now days as per the convenience and cost. Different type ovens are available.

COOLING: These baked biscuits are then passed on to cooling conveyors for natural cooling prior to packing .The temperatures are brought down to room temperatures .

PACKING: These biscuit are then stacked and fed into packing machine for packing. Different packing material are available for packing of these biscuit in different packs,slug packs, pouch pack or family packs etc. These packs are then put into secondary packaging like cbbs or cartons  to be transported to retailers.

Steps of Manufacturing Biscuits

   The store is responsible for issuing materials for the production process according to the planned requirements. It is only at this point that biscuits start to be made. Manufacturing biscuits comprises a number of steps:

  1. Flour, water and sugar is dispensed into large mixers. The ingredients that are used in smaller quantities are hand weighed and added into the mixing bowl for each batch of dough to be mixed.

  2. The ingredients are then mixed to form dough in the mixing bowl according to a specific mixing procedure.

  1. The dough is then tipped into a hopper and gravity-fed into the dough sheeting section of the machine. In this process the dough is fed through various rollers to form a sheet of dough. Depending on what type of biscuit is being produced, this process varies.

  2. Different forming techniques are used to get the required shape and size of the piece of dough which will form the biscuit.

  1. The raw biscuits are transported through a gas-fired oven on a metal conveyor band where they are baked to form fresh, warm and deliciously smelling biscuits. While still hot, the savory biscuits are sprayed with oil and one of a number of types of flavoring is added to produce what is required for that particular biscuit.

  2. Biscuits are baked rather than fried, so the oil merely assists the flavour particles to cling to the biscuit surface. The flavored biscuits then travel along a cooling conveyor in order to cool off.

  1. Once the biscuits have been cooled, they are packed into wrappers, cartons and cases, ready for distribution to one of the warehouses.

  2. Quality checks are conducted at key points in the process to ensure process control and product quality is constantly maintained at a high standard.

  3. The finished product is then transported in cases to state-of-the-art distribution warehouses.  Stock is loaded as per delivery orders and sent to the various customers.

Some common food additives in biscuits







Anticaking agents

Thickening agents

Ulker Biskrem Cookies with Cream Filling


Wheat Flour

Cocoa Cream %30

Hydrogen Vegetable Oil (Cottonseed Oil and/or Sunflower Oil and/or Palm Oil)



Milk Powder

Cocoa Powder(%8)


Emulsifier (Soya Lecithin)

Artificial Flavors (Ethyl Vanillin)

Fructose Syrup

Corn Syrup


Raising Agent (Bicarbonates of Sodium and Ammonium )

SÜSSE Petit Beurre Biscuit by BİFA A.Ş.



  • What : Flavor enhancer (MSG) .

  • Found : Snack foods, instant

noodles, biscuits, prepared meals, sauces, gravies, stocks and stock cubes, canned tuna, many frozen foods.

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