Sütaş Summer Practice Report

Sütaş dairy products, September 23 1974, in the Ulubat village connected to the Karacabey town of Bursa, founded by Sadık Yilmaz. First, Sütaş input the sector with the production of pasteurized milk and after 1974, made name with milk and milk products.

While 5 tons of milk per day, at the time it was established, today the area of 120 thousand m² able to handle 1200 tons. In 2009, daily production of the factory was established in Aksaray is 1500 tons. Companies within the Sütaş group: Sütaş, Tarfaş, Saymur, Enfaş and Hızlı Gıda companies. As a quality approach, While Tarfaş undertake the part of ‘from weed to milk’, Sütaş undertake the other part of ‘from milk to table’.

For the first day, after the general knowledge about Sütaş, occupational health and safety training was given. According to this training, the main cause of work-related accidents is unsafe movements. Work-related accidents in terms of both the employee and the workplace leads to the moral and material damage. Mentioned the importance of hygiene, at the good production practices taraining.For a good production, hand- washing instructions must be followed, personnel working in the field of manufacturing should not use the jewelry and besides must use uniforms or special clothing. To prevent contamination to the final product, colors defined special fields must be entered with the appropriate clothes.

Tarfaş farms visited and waste water treatment plant was also visited. Treatment plant consists of two parts, including anaerobic and aerobics. Plant approximately 100-200 m3 / h capacity and the average of 4000-6000 mg / l can carry pollution load.

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