Introduction to Enzymology

Introduction to Enzymology

• Functional Properties

• Nomenclature

• Enzyme specificity

• Enzyme regulation

Enzymes – Biological catalysts

• By definition a Catalyst :
– Accelerates the rate of chemical reactions
– Capable of performing multiple reactions (recycled)
– Final distribution of reactants and products governed by equilibrium properties

• Enzymes are biological catalysts
– Proteins, (a few RNA exceptions)
– Orders of magnitude faster than chemical catalysts
– Act under mild conditions (temperature and pressure)
– Highly Specific
– Tightly Regulated

Enzymes are critical for every aspect of cellular life

Enzyme Properties

• Vital for chemical reactions to occur in the cell (the breaking, forming and rearranging of bonds on a substrate (reactant) )

• Modified substrate (now a product) often performs a different task

• Consequence:
Transformation of energy and matter in the cell Cell-cell and intracellular communication Allows for cellular homeostasis to persist


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