Enzyme Immobilization ( Jahir Ahmed )

What Is Enzyme Immobilization ?

Enzyme immobilization may be defined as a process of confining the enzyme molecules to a solid support over which a substrate is passed and converted to products.

What Is An Immobilized Enzyme?

An immobilized enzyme is one whose movement in space has been restricted either completely or to a small limited region.

Why Immobilize Enzymes?

Protection from degradation and deactivation.

Re-use of enzymes for many reaction cycles, lowering the total production cost of enzyme mediated reactions.

Ability to stop the reaction rapidly by removing the enzyme from the reaction solution.

Enhanced stability.

Easy separation of the enzyme from the product.

Product is not contaminated with the enzyme.

An Ideal Carrier Matrices For Enzyme Immobilization


Physically strong and stable.

Cost effective.


Reduction in product inhibition.

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