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In this experiment we produced malt to produce beer.The main operation is the germination of barley.This operation activates and produces enzymes.We know, m/o’s produce alcohol from simple sugars.The enzymes which are activated during germination convert starch of barley to simple sugars (These enzymes are hydrolitic enzymes.). Also thet effect flavor and foam formation. Germination step is started with soaking to increase the moisture content about 40-45%.When germinated barley was dried , green malt is produced.This determines the type of beer.Low temperature dried malts is the raw material for pilsner type beer, while high temp. Dried is ale one.

In experiment, we germinated barley during bud reaches to 3/5 of barley.We done germination process two times.In first trial some buds had 3/5 ratio but the others was higher lenght.So, we did calibration in second trial and soaking water was homogen to all part of towel.But we can not calculate moisture content and amount of water which is used.Unless they are controlled, enzymatic action will not be controlled.

Then some spoilages can be occur at high capacity productions. Alo heating conditions are the other important parameters of malt quality, especially Pilsner type beer. Consequently, temp. Of heating step,amount of water at soaking step,calibration must be carefully done during malt pocesses.Also, air condition must be satisfy.

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