Conveyors, CIP and COP Systems


Total power=Power to run an empty conveyor+Power to move the material


PE=empty power(hp)

L=total length of conveyor(ft)

N=operating speed(rpm)

Fd=conveyor diameter factor

fb=hanger bearing factor



L=total length of conveyor(feet)

W=weight of material(Ib/ ft3)

Ff=flight factor

Fm=material factor

Fp=paddle factor

PT=[(PE+ PM)*FO]/e

PT=total power(hp)

FO=overload factor

e=driving efficiency

Grape pomace characteristics

Intermediate material code=D3-45U



5= Abrasiveness

U= Miscellaneous properties

Bearing selection=H is used to properly select the intermediate hanger bearing.

Component series code=2 is used to determine the correct components.

Material factor(Fm)=1.4 is used in determining horsepower.

Trough loading capacity=30 A the proper percent of cross section loading to use in determining diameter and speed of the conveyor.

L=5m=16.4 ft

W=20 Ib/ft3

C=15 kg/s*3600s/hr* 2.205 Ib/kg * ft3/20Ib=5953.5ft3/hr

N=55 rpm (deal with capacity)

Fd=55 (deal with screw diameter)

fb=4.4 (deal with using bearing type)

Ff=1.0 deal with using Trough loading (30 A)

Fm=1.4 it is material factor

Fp=1.0 (paddle factor)


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