Bamex Summer Practice Report

I had my engineering practise in Bamex Foreign Trade and Food Industry Co. SA. During my engineering practise i learned a lot of informations about canning industry.I saw the processes which applied to the plums to make canning plums. I learned all steps to produce plum canning and i also learned the important pointin this process.

I also observed the relationship between employer and employee. I learned how to make first cost analysis of the factory so i have an idea about management and financial subjects.

The organisation works all days in a week. The analyzes and controls were made regularly. It was a clean place. But the can closing machines were second hand so there were some problems about them.

In the organisation for personal they do not make their own works and they do their works but they do not know why they are doing so. I think if they do it so there will be sometimes problem about their work so they must do their own job.

This summer practise is useful for me because it is good to have an experience about being a food engineer and food industry.

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