Yörükoğlu Summer Practice Report

Yörükoğlu Milk Industry is located in Antalya at Akdeniz Org. San. Böl. / Yeniköy .Yörükoğlu Milk Industry has started production in 1977 with 1 ton/day capasity. In the year of 1991, they changed name as Yörükoğlu Milk and Milk Products Industry and Business Limited Co. And enhanced their production rate as 40 tons/day.

Considering the human health and developing technology,and also the demands of customers, to serve in better hygenic conditions, the company founded their new modern production area in 1993.With 5000 m2 closed area and 120 tons/day production rate, they started production in 1996.

In 1995, the factory name again changed as Yörükoğlu Milk and Milk Products Industry and Business Co. and continued production with 500 tons/With the years of experince and accumulation, now the company isworking for best serving for customers.

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