Frito Lay Summer Practice Report

A quality managing system is set and written to improve gaining,to improve the level of quality,to reach the quality objects.It is still performed,provided its continuousness and improved its effectiveness. The needed processes are grouped as managerial,operational and assistance processes.

All these processes are grouped as basic,subordinate and detail processes. Flow charts and process cards of the all processes are prepared. The needed source and information to follow the processes is provided by top managing.

The propogation and sharing of the information from top managing to subordinate units is provided by meeting betweeen units,supplying skilled workers ,uptading information and education. Production processes,production plans,quality plans is followed by orders and analysed.

All of the results are recorded to quality and organisation forms. The other processes are followed with respect to performance parameters,recorded and checked within the fixed assesment periods.

Production plans,quality plans,raw material specifications are generated to provide the consumer satisfaction and legal compulsions. The comsumer satisfaction is developed continuously by following laws.

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