Fide Summer Practice Report

Besides all, development studies take an important part in FIDE’s success. The Quality of the raw material is always under the control of R&D department , during all stages starting from seeding to maturing. Production process is executed according to ISO 9002 since 1997, CMI (TLC) and HACCP rules. While complying with these certification procedures, FIDE takes its strength primarily from being customer and market oriented. We continuosly follow-up the situation of the market as well as the trends and combine this knowledge with the feedback taken from our customers.

This helps both with shaping our ideas how to serve our customers best also giving future business decisions. Priciing is one of most important decisions in this firm , where we have seen that cost analysis should be followed with market analysis in order to reach the competitive global market level. This is what applies at FIDE. Fide production plant is located in SUSURLUK district in south MARMARA region which is the most productive agricultural area where best quality tomatoes and vegetables are grown up. Our plant covers a total area of 180.000 m2 including 45.000 m2 of in-door production unite. We produce about 150.000 tons of tomatoes, 20.000 tons of vegetables and 15.000 tons of fruits. The plant consist of world famous MANZINI , ANGELUS , COMACO AND ING, ROSSI lines Fide exports its 80% of products almost to all over the world including well-known supermarkets such as TESCO, Safeway , Sommerfield and Co-op , since 30 years of its history, FIDE has been the first choice of our traditional customers. Now, we welcome you to become one of them , hoping to build up a strong and long lsating business relationship over the coming years.

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