Uno Summer Practice Report


Unmaş A.Ş, the owner of uno_Ekmek brand name , has been established on 1st of August , 1990 based on estimations of future developments in both fast food chains and supermarket network in Turkey. Begining from 1990s, the increase in the number of fast food chains and catering companies gave arise a market demand for a standart quality of a bread . As retail markets has shiffed towards large _scale supermarkets, Turkish consumers have become aware of new developments in the food industry and have demanted for safe healthy, high quality, and wide variety of bread. The first plant of UNMAŞ A.Ş has become active in Dudullu_Ümraniye ,İSTANBUL in june 1991 .Unmaş A.Ş has aimed to be a leader company of the baking industry once the first day of its establishment and has aloways oriented its business towards this target . Upon joınnıng of both companing the product variety has been increased and UNMAŞ A.Ş has become able .

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