Traditional Foods and Beverages of Himachal Pradesh ( Savitri & Tek Chand Bhalla )

Himachal Pradesh presents anthropological, cultural, environmental and topographical diversity. Its reflection is seen in the variations of architecture of houses, clothing styles, food and food habits. The variations in availability of raw materials, environmental conditions clubbed with the time tested traditional knowledge and wisdom have made the people of different regions of this hill state to formulate, develop and perpetuate the consumption of a wide range of traditional foods and beverages unique to its places since ages. Bhatooru, siddu, marchu, seera, chilra, manna, aenkadu, sepubari, patande, doo, baari, dosha, malpude, babroo, bedvin roti, madrah, tchati, churpa, sura, chhang, kinnauri, angoori, chulli, lugri, arak/ara, rak, chukh and pickles (e.g. brinjal, lingri, bidana, peach, pear, plum, tomato, bottle gourd, etc.) made from different fruits and vegetables, etc. are some popular traditional products that are unique to the tribal and rural belts of Himachal Pradesh. Some of these products, e.g. bhatooru, chilra and tchati constitute staple food in rural areas of the state while others are prepared and consumed during marriages, local festivals and special occasions, and form part of the sociocultural life of hill people. However, the production of these foods and beverages is largely limited to household level.

Keywords: Traditional foods, Traditional beverages, Himachal Pradesh


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