Ogye Agar Base


Intended Use

OGYE Agar Base is used with oxytetracycline in the detection and isolation of yeasts and molds from foods.

Product Summary and Explanation

Mossel, Visser, and Mengerink1,2 described Oxytetracycline-Glucose Yeast Extract (OGYE) Agar for the detection and enumeration of yeasts and molds in clinical specimens, foods, and other specimens of sanitary significance. Mossel et al.1,2 described improved recovery of yeasts and molds compared to acidified agar. This medium is supplemented with oxytetracycline as a selective agent, rather than relying on the low pH of acidified agar to suppress bacterial growth. Acidified agar is commonly used for detection of yeasts and
molds in foods and dairy products, and OGYE Agar Base provides an alternate medium.

Principles of the Procedure

Yeast Extract provides essential vitamins to stimulate the growth of yeasts and molds in OGYE Agar Base. Dextrose is the carbon energy source. Agar is the solidifying agent. The supplement, oxytetracycline, is a selective agent used to inhibit bacterial growth.

Source: https://dotscientific.com/pdf_library/ogye_agar_base_7655.pdf

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