How Corn Syrup is Made

Corn Syrup:

• Corn syrup is the food product and natural sweetener which derived from corn starch

• It is the basic ingredients for many food products like cookies, crackers, catsups, ice cream, canned fruits , soup and may other purpose

• Corn syrup is rich with high fructose which is sweet as sugar mostly used in soft drinks.

Use of corn syrup as food product

• List of food that contains HFCS (high fructose corn syrup):

• Baking and cooking ingredients

• Beverages

• Breads

• Breakfast Cereals

• Candy Bars

• Cookies and cakes

Product contains Corn syrup

• Cough Syrup

• Crackers

• Dairy

• Drink Mixers

• Baked Vegetables and fruits

• Ice cream

• Jam Syrup

• Salad dressing

Raw Materials

• Huge number of maize exporter from india exporting corn for many industrial purposes.

• There are several verities of corn are available but the core part of corn syrup is made from yellow #2 dent corn

• Common variety grown in

Midwestern portion of US.

Other raw materials used in corn syrup

• Other raw materials used to convert corn into corn syrup

• Sulfur dioxide

• Hydrochloric acid

• Various enzymes and

• Water

Nutritional Content

• When syrup s combine with Karo light its contains 120 calories and nearly 30g of carbohydrate

• It contains various nutritional benefits like Sodium, Potassium ,Magnesium, Calcium, and Vitamins like

• Vitamin A

• Vitamin D

• Vitamin B- 6,12

The Manufacturing Process

• Corn syrup is produced by the process of wet corn mills

• In addition to the corn syrup ,the other materials are also produced along it, that includes

• Corn oil

• Corn starch

• Dextrose

• Soap stock

• Animal feed etc.,

HFCS Process Description

Types of Corn Syrup

• The best –known commercial brand is Karo which manufactures

• Dark, Solid and

• Light corn syrups.

• The light variety contains light corn syrup with vanilla and medium amount of salt

• The dark variety of corn syrup contains caramel flavor, salt , sodium bezonate.

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