Pestil ( Dried Fruit Pulp )


 Pestil is usually seen in the culture of Anatolia. The date in which it is made the first time is unknown but it is estimated that it is based on many years.


 In the past,local people gathered the core from the mullberries which they pick up in the summer season. After cooking them with floor and and laying them on a cotton material,they let them dry and keep them in a tin or jar in dry conditions.

 This culture which began many years ago in Gümüşhane is still continuing.

 Pestil is a foodstuff which is made of fruits like grapes,mulberry and apricots. It is usually prepared in winter to provide energy,vitamines and minerals. It is one of our traditional foods which is important for our nutrition.

 Although there are used sweet or sour fruits like fresh apples, mulberries and apricots,even raisins or figs, the fruit which is widely used in the production of Pestil are grapes.

 The output of grapes which are produced in our country are considered as 30 % edible, 37% for making raisins, 30% molasses and pestil and 3% for making wine.

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