Meat Preservation – Sausage

Meat Preservation


What is a Sausage?

Word sausage is from word Salsus

Salsus means salt or preserved

Is a chopped or comminuted and seasoned meats that is formed into a symmetrical shape

Can contain non-meat ingredients

History of Sausage

Reason for discovery of America and trade with Asia

Used to be “Bags of Mystery”

Historically were made from by-products and left-overs

Modern sausage is made from lean trimmings or low value whole muscle cuts

Skeletal muscle, Cheek, jowl, and head meat from beef pork and poultry

Sausage Varieties

Consumption of Sausage

Top Dinner Sausage Consuming Cities – 2009

1. Los Angeles

2. New York

3. San Antonio/Corpus Christi

4. Houston

5. Baltimore/Washington, D.C.

6. Chicago

7. Dallas/Fort Worth

8. South Carolina

9. San Francisco/Oakland

10. Philadelphia

Source: Information Resources Inc. Based on total retail sales, excluding Wal-Mart, for the 2009 calendar year. – National Hot Dog & Sausage Council


Degree of grinding or chopping

Coarse ground vs. emulsion or fine chop

Amount of cooking

Cooked vs. uncooked

Amount of smoke

Smoked vs. non-smoked

Amount of water added

Water added vs. no water added


Amount of curing

Cured vs. not cured

Amount of fermentation

Fermented vs. non-fermented

Amount of tissue moisture

Fresh: non-smoked and uncooked

Smoked: fresh and cured

Cooked: fresh and cured smoked and non-smoked

Cured: smoked and non-smoked

Dried: semidry and dry

Meat loaves and specialty items

USDA Classifications


Uncooked smoked

Cooked and smoked


Dry and semidry

Luncheon meat, loaves and jellied


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