Vegetable oil
Seventy five (75) % of world edible oil is vegetable oil
Confectionary fat
Less desirable for salad and frying oil, Why?
Melting Point
Slip Melting Point
Official AOCS (1989) Method Cc 3-25. A column of fat was tempered at 10 C for 16 h in an open capillary tube. The tube was then heated slowly in a water bath until the fat column started to rise due to hydrostatic pressure. The temperature at which this occurs was determined as SMP using averaging of four replicates.
Solid Fat Content (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, NMR)
Definition : To treat oil with H2 and catalyst to decrease double bonds and increase saturated bonds.
Reaction Result

Saturation of double bonds
Migration of double bonds

Trans-fatty acid formation
Advantages of Hydrogenation

Making fat suitable for manufacture of margarine,

shortening, coating fats, cooking oil and salad dressing oil.

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