Combining the Gas Laws ( Dr. Bülent BELİBAĞLI )

Combining the Gas Laws: (The Ideal Gas Equation and the General Gas Equation) The ideal gas equation is a single equation that includes all four gas variables; V, T, P, amount of gas (n). Any gas that obeys this equation is said to be an ideal gas (or perfect gas).

Example: What is the volume occupied by 13.7 g Cl2 at 45⁰C and 745 mmHg ?


Example: How many molecules of N2 remained in an ultrahigh vacuum system of 128 mL volume when the pressure is reduced to 5×10-10 mmHg at 25⁰C ? (R=0.0821 L.atm.mol-1.K-1, NA = 6.02×1023)

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