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Crude Fat Determination – Soxhlet Method

Fat is important to all aspects of meat production and processing. Fresh and frozen meat prepared for manufacturing purposes is specified in terms of fat content (expressed as chemical lean). This is an important specification of commercial trading as well as being an important technical specification for product end-use. Manufacturing meat that is traded as a commodity on the international market is specified in terms of its fact content (expressed as chemical lean) and this is one of the primary product testing criteria for product imported by our overseas customers.

Apart from the commercial importance of the fat content of unprocessed meat, especially manufacturing meat, fat content is an important technical and regulatory specification for almost all processed meat products.

There are several rapid methods for determining the fat content of meat and meat products and these methods mostly produce results that are sufficiently accurate and reliable for routine product testing purposes. Given the importance of fat content however as a commercial and

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In this experiment we determined the fat content of cips sample. We used some apparatus and suitable organic solvent for fat determination. Organic solvents can be used to extract fat from food products. Many fat methods are based on extracting the fat with these organic solvents.Fat content is important for food products.