Quality Control of Chocolate and Wafer Production

Quality Control is defined as the maintenance of quality at levels and tolerances acceptable to the buyer while minimizing costs to the vendor.(Kramer and Twigg in 1962) Amerina et al. (1965) defined quality control as the “application of sensory ,physical ,and chemical tests in industrial production to prevent undue variation in quality attributes , such as color viscosity ,flavour ,etc.”Quality is defined as the composite of characteristics that have significance and make for acceptability. Quality is the combinations of some factors in food industry such as;appearance,textural and flavor factors. Nowadays high quality products can be produced by food manufacturers as a result of competition. It can be possible by technological progress and good quality policy.To determine quality a laboratory and some tests are needed. A systematic quality control program is essential on raw materials and manufactured products. This program begins with

● Customer spesifications and market demand

● What level of quality is demand

● What legal requirements must be met

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