Poultry Production ( Dr. O.M. Sogunle )

Course Synopsis

• Problems & Prospects of poultry production

• Management Systems: Broilers, Layers and Cockerels

• Management of Ducks & Turkeys

• Hatchery Enterprises

– Management of hatching eggs

– Factors affecting hatchery enterprises

• Diseases and Control

• Marketing and Record Keeping

Problems & Prospects of poultry production

• Problems

 Scarcity & high cost of day-old chicks, poults, etc.

 Poor quality of birds available for meat & egg prdn.

 Availability & high cost of poor quality feeds.

 Poor poultry health care services.

 Unsuitable poultry houses & poor maintenance of houses.

 Inadequacy of credits to poultry farmers.

 Inadequate managerial & technical know-how.

 Poor marketing, distribn & pricing of poultry prdts.

Prospects: Areas of Poultry Prdn

 Poultry Meat Prdn: Broiler prdn for meat mart & fast food joints

 Poultry egg Prdn: Layers prdn for retail egg sellers, etc.

 Breeding & hatching of chicks, poults, keets, etc.

 Poultry equipmt manufacturing e.g FACCO®

 Processing & marketing of poultry prdts.

 Feed prdn.

 Prdn of drugs & vaccines.

Poultry Prdn is of importance in Food prdn, research, industry, income generatn & as a hobby.

Management Systems

• Commercial Production System

– Intensive mgt. E.g. Battery cage and deep litter

– Semi-intensive

• Traditional System

– Free-range

Source: http://www.unaab.edu.ng/attachments/461_Poultry%20Production%20.pdf

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