Kinesthetics and Texture

Why do we measure food texture?

Texture is an index of ripeness
To evaluate the resistance of products against mechanical action
Such as mechanical harvesting of fruit and vegetables,
Wheat hardness for milling
To determine flow properties of products during processing, handling and storage
To establish the mechanical behavior of a product when consumed

• When a food produces a physical sensation in the mouth;
– hard, soft, crisp, moist, dry
• the consumer classifying the food’s quality
– fresh, stale, tender, ripe.
• Textural properties affect the consumer’s perception;
• acceptable or
• unacceptable product.
• Physical properties of food affect the design of processing equipment.
– in selecting and adjusting the equipment used to mix, transport and package products.
• Quality of a food product involves maintenance or improvement of the key attributes of the product including
– color,
– flavor,
– safety,
– healthfulness,
– shelf life, and
– convenience.

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