Kale ( Paul O’Connell )


By Paul O’Connell

What is Kale???

Leafy green vegetable
In same family with cauliflower and cabbage
In season from middle of winter to beginning of spring
Descendent of wild cabbage
Has a “pungent” peppery flavor

Nutrients in Kale

Health Benefits of Kale

Anti-cancer food due to the glucosinolates
Sulforaphane causes liver to release enzymes that help to prevent cancer
Carotenoids lower risk of cataract disease
Low in calories and high in vitamin A
The vitamin A content helps protect smokers from getting emphysema
Good source of vitamin C to support the immune system
Vitamin C also helps to protect against Rheumatoid Arthritis
Fiber reduces high levels of cholesterol

More reason to eat kale…

Asthmatics experience fewer symptoms from high amounts of vitamin C
Large amounts of fiber help to prevent heart disease
Vitamin also helps to prevent bruising
Lower risk of macular degeneration with a diet full of beta-carotene



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