Grain Quality Deterioration


Post harvest losses
Changes in Food Grains during Storage
Grain Storage Pests, Rodents, Mites, Birds and Their Control


Storage is an important link in the entire procurement and distribution system of food grains which are produced seasonally but are consumed all the year round

It helps in reducing the seasonal fluctuations in availability and prices

To ensures a continuous flow of goods in the market

It protects the quality of perishable and semi-perishable products from deterioration

It helps in the stabilization of prices by adjusting demand and supply

It provides employment and income through price advantages

Food grains are living organism, so they are store as living seeds

They store in control condition of temperature & relative humidity

Prevent from insects, pests & rodents.

Types of Losses

Losses in Storage product can be of two types

Quantity Loss

Improper time of harvesting

Inconsistent Harvest technology (Thrashing & shelling)

Improper drying methods

Spillage during storage

Damage caused by pest organism (Aflatoxin)

Quality Loss

Change in colour, smell or taste

Contamination with toxins


Insect excreta

Reduction in nutritional value

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