Food Rheology ( Dr. A. A. ADEBOWALE )

Rheology is the science of flow and deformation of matter and describes the interrelation between force, deformation and time. The term comes from Greek rheos meaning to flow.Rheology is applicable to all materials, from gases to solids. The science of rheology is only about 70 years of age. It was founded by two scientists meeting in the late 1920s and finding out they have the same need for describing fluid flow properties. The scientists were Professor Marcus Reiner and Professor Eugene Bingham. The Greek philosopher Heraclitus described rheology as panta rei – everything flows. Translated into rheological terms by Marcus Reiner; this means everything will flow if you just wait long enough. Fluid rheology is used to describe the consistency of different products, normally by the two components: viscosity and elasticity. By viscosity is usually meant resistance to flow or thickness and by elasticity usually stickiness or structure. Rheological relationships help us to understand the fluids we are working with so that we can either know how they are behaving or force them to behave according to our needs. Once a correlation has been developed between rheological data and product behaviour, the procedure can then be reversed and rheological data may be used to predict performance and behaviour…..


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