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1. Q. I have planted squash and cucumbers in my garden. Do I need to worry about cross- pollination and resulting off-type fruits?

A. Planting cucumbers along with squash in your garden will not result in off-flavor fruit. Odd-tasting fruit from vine crops is not the result of crossing between plants such as cucumbers, cantaloupes and squash. These crops will not normally cross. If they did, the results of this cross would not show up until the seeds from this year’s fruit were planted in next year’s garden.

2. Q. What causes my cucumbers to often be misshapen and gourdy-looking?

A. Probably poor pollination. Improper pollination caused by lack of insects or pollen killed by hot temperatures can cause misshapen fruit. Moisture stress during development can also misshape fruit. Pollination did occur or the fruit would not be present.

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