Chapter-1: Introduction

In any industrial plant the aim is to produce  standard and high quality products and sell  them at prices which make profit. These  purposes can be achieved in a successfully designed and controlled processes.

Operational Objectives


Production Specifications

Environmental Regulations

Operational Constraints


Optimization: combination of several  variables together with most suitable conditions.

Optimum conditions are important for




of processes.

“main variable”

Important Characteristics of Process Control  Systems

The focus of the engineer must be on the process.  (Pc)

The dynamic behavior of the individual units and the  process as a whole is to be understood.

It is always the best to utilize the simplest control  system that will achieve the desired objectives.

The design of a process determines how it will  respond dynamically and how it can be controlled.

CONTROL: To maintain desired conditions in a  physical system by adjusting selected  variables in the system.

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