Historical background :

Beer is originated from Mesopotamia and Egypt about 6000 years ago. Beer is originated from Latin word bibere ( to drink). Similarly Spanish word for beer is cerveza. It is originated from cerevisiae; which combines latin words of ceres ( goodness of grain ) and vis (vigor ). Major brewing centers are Pilsen (Czechoslovakia ), Munich and Dortmund (Germany), Burton-on-Trent (England), Dublin (Ireland), and Milwaukee ( USA).

Raw Materials


• Possess a very tough husk (protection for kernel during handling and germination). It contributes to characteristic flavor of the beer.

• During malting, barley produces large amounts of amylases, proteases and other enzymes which partially degrade starch, proteins and some type of cellulose.

• Typical composition of barley is ; 10-12 % protein, 2 % fat, 58-60 % starch, 6 % fiber, 2.5-3 % ash and 10-14 % husk.

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