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In this experıment,the making cucumber pickle was learned.During process of the pickle,different amount of vinegar and saltand same amount of citric acid were used by different groups.The pH and acidity were calculated until 6 weeks.After 6 weeks,The fermentation process was stopped. A1 group used %10 salt + %50 vinegar.A2 and B2 group used %15 salt + %50 vinegar. A3 and B3 used %5 salt+%50 vinegar.A4 used %10 salt + %30 vinegar A5 and B5 used %10 salt + %10 vinegar.

According to relatıonship between pH and salt,if the salt concantratıon is increased,pH decreases.So,optimum conditions are supplied for pickling.Because increasing salt and decreasing pH values represent low undesirable m/o s in the pickle.In our result,A3 and B3 groups used low salt content rather than other groups. so,their pH values more increased according to others.The pH values A2 was found lower due to high salt concantration.Values of A4 and A5 were different each other because their amount of vinegear were different from each other.ıf low amount of vinegar is used,the pH found high.pH values of A1 was found higher than A4 and A5.This stuation is not true.Because,with adding more vinegar,pH value is decreased.

If vinegar concantration is increased,the acidity of the pickle increase.For this reason,the acidity of the A5 was lower than other.Because A5 used low amount of vinegar.If we compare acidities of A3 and A2.The decreasing acidity of A3 was greater than A2.Because A2 used high salt concantratıon than A3.The values of A1 and B2 might be not true.Their acidities are very higher other than.

The value of acid in the mature pickle must be4,6 or below.PH value of A5 is not suitable this standart.Because its value was found 5,5 at the and of the fermentation process.If ph value increase,the undesirable m/o s increase..Also the acidity of the pickle is very important for pickle to.m/o s in the pickle is not enough for protection of the pickle.So,some vinegar must added before fermentation process.This level must be higher than %1,2 at the end of the process.The acidity of the A3 and B3 were found lower than standart value.This stuatıon may be cause the microbial growing.

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