Yörükoğlu Summer Practice v2


I did my summer practice in YÖRÜKOĞLU Milk Products Industry & Trade Incorporation. InYÖRÜKOĞLU, I had the chance to apply what I have learned in the lectures. In other words, practical knowledge became as important as theoretical knowledge in the factory. Moreover, I saw the business world and I learned how it works in food industry.

YÖRÜKOĞLU Milk Products Industry & Trade Inc. was established in 1971 in ANTALYA.during its first years they had capasities of 1 tone milk. In 1991 they reached with over a total ground space of 5000 square meter.The factories production is especially based on the production of kasar cheese,milk,yoghurt, white cheese and marketing of those products. The factory completed its institution plants in 1996 and it continues its production with high technology machines. The company processes 120tons milk per day. Raw milk is bought from the villagers and brought to the factory by tankers or large jugs.

In the factory, a boss, a manager,  6 food engineers, 4 technicians and  nearly 140 workers employ. All engineers are food engineers and two of them are also directors. One of them is Process Director and the other is Quality Control Director.

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