Water Microbiology

Water Microbiology


What is water and water microbiology?

Why water should be tested microbiologically?

How water could be sampled ?

How transported ?

Different names are given to water’s various forms:

1. according to state

• Solid – ice

• Liquid – water

• Gaseous – water vapor

2. levitating particles

• clouds

• Fog

• mist

3. according to occurrence:

• Groundwater

• Fresh water

• Surface water

• Mineral water – contains much minerals

• Brackish water

• Dead water – strange phenomenon which can occur when a layer of fresh or brackish

water rests on top of denser salt water, without the two layers mixing. It is dangerous for

ship traveling.

• Seawater

• Brine

4. according to uses

• tap water

• bottled water

• drinking water

• purified water:

distilled water

double distilled water

deionized water

5. according to other features

• soft water – contains less minerals

• hard water – from underground, contains more minerals

• distilled water, double distilled water, deionized water – contains no minerals

• Water of crystallization — water incorporated into crystalline structures

• Hydrates — water bound into other chemical substances

• heavy water – made from heavy atoms of hydrogen – deuterium. It is in nature in

normal water in very low concentration. It was used in construction of first nuclear


6. according to microbiology

• drinking water

• wastewater

• stormwater or surface water

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