Using of Hydrocolloids in Gluten Free Food Products ( Aybike TANIŞ )


Guar gum is obtained from seed of bean such as legume. It is found in fiber mostly. It is used in gluten free baking as a thickening ingredient. The guar gum is also used to provide the stretch which normally comes from gluten. The guar gum works like a laxative if it is consumed in large quantities.

The pure oats is known as gluten free. The oat gum is rarely used as in gluten free baking as an ingredient. It is obtained from the carbohydrate portion of oats.

Xanthan gum  is known as corn based fermented product. It is formed by fermenting the corn sugar with microorganism which is called as a Xanthomonas campestris. This gum is used to give stretch to gluten free goods in place of gluten.

Carrageenan is known as a fibrous ingredient which is obtained from red seaweed. The red seaweed is not a gluten grain. Thus, the carrageenan is used on the gluten-free diet. The carrageenan is used as a thickening and gelling agents.

The acacia gum is used in breakfast cereals, baked goods and soups. The acacia gum in gluten free foods is used as suspending or emulsifying agent, stabilizer, adhesive, flavor fixative and inhibitor of sugar crystallization.

The alginate is used in gluten free food products as a stabilizer, thickening or gelling agent. The alginate is extracted from the alginic salts found in seaweed.

The locust bean gum is also known as carob bean gum that is obtained from seeds of carob tree. The carob bean gum is used in gluten free food product as texturizer.

Pectin is used in gluten free food products as a gelling agent. That is used in yogurt to have creaminess texture and also is added into the low pH drinks to protect the proteins.

Tara gum is known as a part of the same chemical family as guar gum. Although Tara gum has very similar thickening characteristics to guar gum but it has some benefits in gluten free food products such as when the tara gum is added to a gel can increase the gel elasticity and retain water within the structure. Thus this improves the shelf stability of the gel. Additionally, tara gum provides freeze-thaw stability by preventing the formation of ice crystals.


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