Turkish Tea Industry ( Dr. Şaziye ILGAZ )

Turkish Tea Industry

Tea Production in the World

Tea production in the world increased steadily and reached 4.8 million tonnes in recent years.On an average, during the last two decade in the production front, China contributed 35 % of the world tea production closely followed by India(21%), Kenya (8 %) and Sri Lanka (7%) . Turkey (5 %)is the fifth biggest tea producer country with its 225,000 tonnes /year black tea production in the world.

At the start of tea cultivation in Turkey, the primary goal was to meet the domestic demand only. Today, Turkey holds a significant place among the world’s largest tea producers. But still great percentage of products are marketed in our domestic market.

Source: http://www.fao.org/fileadmin/templates/est/meetings/IGGtea21/Presentation-MarketReportTurkey_02.pptx

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