Tunaş Summer Practice Report

I have done my summer practice in TUNAS Company. The subject of my process is training to observe and learn about jam, sesame oil and halva in Tunas. Tunas is in Gaziantep which is a rich city for the work power and energy . Also,Gaziantep is in Southeast Anatolia and is near to the East-Anatolia. So Gaziantep is a good place for manufacturing.

At the same time, the aim of my summer practice is to understand, how a food engineer is working in production department, which types of machines are available in production line and the connection of these machines with each other and what type of processes are done from feed material to final product is just like from sesame to sesame oil and, havla transformation with its processing of sesame oil and some ingredients.

Actually, of course,we have tried to learn processes,mass balances,heat balances,in- out cost analysis,that is,shortly all we used to work in company. There is lots of talking in the summer practice of TUNAS, That’s some of them; The hygiene and sanitation is carefully followed in the plant especially in personnel hygiene. The machines were all working in good conditions. Therefore the firm obtain success depending on the production with quality and safety. The products of foundation gained a good impression on customer and took place on national and foreign market. Tunas import its products to Iraq and Philistine generally. It also develops itself at domestic market in short time. It produces according to ISO 22000 and ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management Systems.

During my practice, I have learned about business world and relationship between the boss and workers. I observed the worker-manager relations. I had information about job life, the role of a food engineer in a food plant, especially foreign language. That is the most important in the business world Consequently; the main object and the most important one is to have an expensive of work life and to gain working life. I had a chance to convert the theoretical information which we learned in the school to practice, how they are applied in food industry and the degree of their importance and definitely, I believed I did that on a large scale..

I have also learned many things that we I come to the application step, things are not so easy as in the theory. I also learned for an engineer, the things we learned in university, is only a background for us. We learned the procedure in the factory. Every factory has a different procedure & working discipline. When you work for a new product, you sometimes use your knowledge about the engineering sciences. But when you come across to a problem, you probably know where and how to find it. I saw this in Tunas, and I think it was a good explanation of engineering. I am proud to have been done and taken place in TUNAS, which has been underwriting its name in the food sector with its quality and power of food choices that it has been preparing, while directing itself to the new goals in Turkish Food Industry. And anymore, I look at work life of my future with full of hope for the world where you eat bears great importance.

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