Tomato Sauce, Ketchup and Puree


Tomato is a very popular vegetable throughout the country and it is grown in many states. Apart from use in vegetables, its down stream products like soup, concentrates, sauce, puree, ketchup are also equally popular and they have a longer shelflife unlike fresh tomatoes. Tomato is perishable and needs to be transported carefully to avoid damage during transit. With the advent of new technology, many down the line products are made and are consumed round the year as table enrichers.


2.1 Applications

The products suggested are sauce, ketchup and puree. They are made from tomato juice and many other ingredients and preservatives are added to it to enhance its shelf life and taste. These products are consumed by people of all age groups and demand is going up. These products can be made in states like Maharashtra, Gujarat, Karnataka, UP, HP, North Eastern states and so on, but this note considers Assam as the preferred location in view of the growing market.

2.2 Availability of know-how, Quality Standards and Compliances.

CFTRI, Mysore, has successfully developed the technical know-how. BIS has laid down the quality standards vide IS 3881/2/3:1966. Compliances under FPO and PFA Act are mandatory.

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