The Use of Gelatine In Wine Fining


The basic chemistry of protein is developed to enable an understanding of its fining reactions in beverage clarification. Results of various European and South African wine fining experiments are presented. The efficiency of both very high and very low molecular weight gelatins are discussed and it is proposed that protein isoelectric point is a more important attribute in determining fining performance than is the Bloom strength of the gelatine.


Beverages like wine, cider and unfermented fruit juices contain insoluble matter which imparts a haze to the beverage which is often not practical to remove by filtration.

The process of haze removal is known as fining. It involves the formation of a floccular precipitate in the beverage which will absorb the natural haze forming constituents while settling. After a settling period, the supernatant can be withdrawn and given a polishing filtration prior to sale.

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