Temperature ( Y.Doç.Dr. K. BÜLENT BELİBAĞLI )


What is the definition of temperature?

“temperature” is not easily defined

-Temperature is not a measure of the total amount of energy in an object.

Heat = Thermal Energy!!

Thermal Energy = internal energy = a measure of the total kinetic and potential energy in an object

Temperature is a measure of the average energy of the particles in a material.

Correlates to molecular kinetic energy

Measure of the ?quality of heat?

Temperature Measurement and Control

Many physical processes and properties are dependent on temperature and its measurement is crucial in food industry.

e.g. Millions of people each year are affected by foodborne pathogens at a cost of nearly $10 billion. Many of the microorganisms that cause foodborne disease may be eliminated by proper temperature regulation, which requires accurate and precise temperature measurement.

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