Tat Makarna Staj Raporu

TAT MACARONI is .It has been making production with the high production capacity and fitting the world standards at his modern factory established in Gaziantep. Following the technological developments , our factory has been beginning the production at the year of 1980.The plant has been established on 15.000 m2 area and reached the capacity of 150 Ton/ day semilona, 100 Ton/day macaroni.

Macaronies are produced from perfect quality % 100 hard durum wheat at modern , entegre, completly controlled by computers plant . They are produced untouched . There are 20 kinds of macaroni ,they are. controlling in our labrotories which are equipped with developed control systems ,by our experts and technicians . ,These are presented to the world consumer after and later making the packacing control . The reason of the high quality of Turkish macaroni , it has been requested at the foreign markets .At the exporting of the macaroni ,Turkey is in the position of making most exporting after Italy .

TAT MACARONI products have been exported to the foreign countries because of the high quality . ( America , Suudi Arabia,Iraq , Algeria , Afghanistan , Azerbyjan , Kazakhistan , Uzbekistan , Türkmenisthan , Egypt , Cyprus , and England .) Tat Macaroni has been making production suitable to TS 1620 Standard. Our targets are continuous development and of good quality production.So that, taking the K – Q TSE -ISO-EN-9002Quality System Certificate, our firm has been documented both the product quality and system quality .

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