Tarhana Chips


  • Tarhana is a traditional fermented product which is generally consumed in Anatolia, Middle East and Balkans and is important on nutrition of Turkish society.

  • There are similar products with different names such as:

  • ‘Kishk’ in Egypt, Syria, Lebanon and Jordan, ‘Kushuk’ in Iraq,

  • ‘Tarhana’ in Turkey,

  • ‘Trahanas’ in Cyprus and Greece, ‘Tarhonya/Talkuna’ in Hungary and Filand

  • Tarhana is the dry form of yoghurt-cereal mixture. It is prepared by mixing wheat flour, yogurt, yeast and a variety of cooked vegetables (tomatoes, onions, green pepper etc.), salt, and spices (mint, paprika)

  • Maras tarhana has quite different qualifications, such as process stages, flavor and aroma of final product, consumption styles and storage conditions according to tarhana types produced in other regions

  • Previously, tarhana was only obtained by domestically at homes and nowadays the industrial production of it has become common.

  • Tarhana chips which are industrially produced in this region are introduced as healthy alternatives for consumers in Turkey and other importing countries.

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