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Wine Production
Yoann Chelin

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The aim of this experiment to observe the optimum conditions for wine production such as optimum pH ,optimum brix and optimum acidity level. The wine making experiment contınues about 2.5 months.During this term we take pH and acidity measurement twice a month.After the this duration we obtained the two important results.Acidity of wine ( I mean tartaric acid ) increased with time for nearly 50 days.At the beginning of the experiment this value is 2,85 % .And end of the experiment acidity reached to 5,25 %.This provided to decreased in pH value of the wine.In first the degree of the pH is 4.09 .This value reached to 3,85 end of the value.During the fermentation of wine the yeasts utilized the sugar in it and reduced the sugar content and ıncreased the acidity level.The decreasing of brix from 22 to 8 explain this evident clearly.

As written at above the acidity and the pH is very important while making wine for under the optimum conditions.And the optimum pH for wine is 4,88 but our valu trends to 3,85 degree.So our wine is not reached to optimum wine actually We can say that. And also the enviroment conditions and the presence of glucose is important for optimum wine making.The enviroment conditions must be anaerobic If the air enters the wine the wine will convert to vinegar and this would be very big problem.