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Food Systems and Food Dispersions ( Dr. Çiğdem SOYSAL )


FOOD SYSTEMS -Edible tissue

a) fruits

b) vegetables

c) meat

FOOD DISPERSIONS: is a continuous phase with one or more dispersed phases.

a) milk

b) tomato juice

c) mayonnaise

Breakdown of Emulsions
-Creaming: formation of two emulsion layers
-Flocculence: agglomeration of droplets
-Coalescence: irreversible union of small droplets leading to the separation of two phases.

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Ders Adı: Food Systems

Ders Kodu: FE 218

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Engineering Properties of biological materials in food systems. Physical, thermal, mechanical, rheological, electrical, optical properties and water retention characteristics. Use of these properties as they are necessary in the evaluation, synthesis and design of biological systems. Use of biopolymers in food systems. Colloidal food systems and functionality of food components as emulsifiers, stabilizers, texturizers, gelling and foaming agents.