banned in some countries

  • Gıda Katkıları

    E900 – E1520

    Number Name Comments E900 Dimethyl polysiloxane silicone based E901# Beeswaxes glazing agent, used to wax fruit; see bee products; occasionally causes allergic…

  • Gıda Katkıları

    E620 – E640

    Number Name Comments E620 Glutamic acid flavour enhancer, salt substitute; amino acid present in many animal and vegetable proteins, derived commercially from…

  • Gıda Katkıları

    E500 – E585

    Number Name Comments E500 Sodium carbonates no known adverse effects in small quantities E501 Potassium carbonates no known adverse effects E503 Ammonium…

  • Gıda Katkıları

    E400 – E495

    Number Name Comments E400 Alginic acid thickener and vegetable gum, derived from seaweed; used in custard mix, cordial, flavoured milk, ice blocks,…

  • Gıda Katkıları

    E300 – E385

    Number Name Comments E300 Ascorbic acid flour treating agent, ‘vitamin C’; may be made synthetically from glucose, naturally occurs in fruit and…

  • Gıda Katkıları

    E200 – E290

    Number Name Comments E200 Sorbic acid either obtained from berries or synthesised from ketene; possible skin irritant E201 Sodium sorbate no known…

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