Solid Liquid Extraction ( Ali OK )

Firstly, some amount of dried hazelnut sample was taken and put into the mixer to grind and to reduce the particle size. Then cloth bag which we put our sample and funnel were weighted. Our sample was weighted as 259,1g.Top of the cloth bag was tied up strongly and put into extractor vessel. After that the solvent pump was adjusted to 10 ml/min and temperature of solvent to 40-42 ◦C. The extractor was worked for 20 min. At the end of the period cloth bag was taken and weighted. Our grinded hazelnut sample with solvent was dried in an oven for 10 min to evaporate the solvent(dicholorometan). Dried sample was weighted and amount of oil extracted oil was calculated and our sample was put into cloth bag again. It was tied up and put into extractor vessel and the same procedure was applied three times at the time of period of 20 min.

Extracted oil and solvent were separated from each others in a distillation column under vacuum heating. Results were recorded and the graph was plotted as time(min) vs. oil (gram).

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