Recontamination Issues in the Food Processing Industry What, Where, and How Important are They? ( Dr. Paul A. Hall )

Producing Safe Food is Our Top Priority!

• Consumer protection and trust

– Consumers must be able to trust the brands they buy and the food they

– Food safety is absolutely critical to that trust

• Business survival/self-interest

– Our brands are our most important asset

– History is replete with brands and businesses being destroyed because

• Industry responsibility

– Moral obligation to produce food as safe as practical

– Industry pledge not to make safety a competitive issue eat of a lapse in food safety

Why is Food Safety our Top Priority?

• It is a cost of doing business

• The changing global food safety landscape demands more diligence, flexibility, and speed than ever before.

• The cost impact of not doing food safety right is higher than it’s ever been.

• The benefits of doing food safety right contributes directly to the bottom line – and not just in cost avoidance.

• Consumer and regulatory scrutiny are at an all time high.

• World class companies that win in the marketplace have world class food safety principles.

Causes of Foodborne Contamination

• Food Products can become contaminated via several routes:

– Naturally occurring (raw foods)

– Underprocessing/improper processing

– Recontamination/cross-contamination

• Pathogens

• Spoilage organisms

• Allergens

• Chemical contaminants

– Intentional contamination

• Economic adulteration (e.g melamine)

• Bioterrorism

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