Ready to Eat Köfte ( Çiğdem ÖKSÜZ )

Definition of product

Properties of raw material

Process line diagram

Control points and parameters



Alternative technologies

Properties of finished product

It is believed to originate from the city and

region of  Tekirdağ and hence also known as Tekirdağ Köfte.

Meat (veal) (84%)

Salt (1.4%)

Garlic (0.1%)

Sodium bicarbonat (0.7%)

Black papper (0.3%)

Onion ( 3 %)

Cumin (1%)

Egg (1.2%)

Breadcrumbs (8.3%)


  Instead of using a cutter, the grinder and mixer can be used at the same time.


1-Frying is an alternative but it is not used because the Tekirdağ köfte has a special cooking technique.

   So we use oven baking

Microbial analysis

Physical analysis

Chemical analysis

Total aerobic mesophilic bacteria count

Coliform count

  1. Coli


pH measurement

Moisture content

Color measurement

Texture analysis

Determination of Ammonia by the Nessler Method

Protein analysis by Kjeldahl

Ash content

Fat content

Odor (with GC or nose)


Shape (with eyes)

According to Turkish codex:

 protein of not animal origin cannot be used in köfte (Starch, soy) but, Herbal protein and starch from spice or breadcrumbs can be maximum 5%

Total meat protein should be at least 12% bymass.

The product center temperatures hould be at least 72 oC  at baking process.

The fat content of mincer products obtained from such products is at most 25% bymass.And salt contents hould be at least 2% bymass.

Bone is used in the bone flour and animal feed industries.

Fat is used in the animal feed industry.

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