Purpose of Food Preservation and Processing ( Dr. Savaş BAHÇECİ )

Purpose of Food Preservation and Processing

Dr. K. Savaş Bahçeci Hitit University Department of Food Engineering Çorum-2014

What are Foods? Foods are materials, raw, processed, or formulated, that are consumed orally by humans or animals for growth, health, satisfaction or pleasure. Generally, there is no limitation on the amount of food that may be consumed (as there is for a drug in the form of dosage). Chemically, foods are mainly composed of water, lipids, proteins and carbohydrates with small proportions of minerals and organic compounds.

What are Foods? The different classes of foods are perishable, nonperishable, harvested, fresh, minimally processed, preserved, manufactured, formulated, primary, secondary derivatives, synthetic, functional, and medical foods

What is Food Preservation? Food preservation involves the action taken to maintain foods with the desired properties or nature for as long as possible. Preservation methods start with the complete analysis and understanding of the whole food chain, including growing, harvesting, processing, packaging, and distribution; thus an integrated approach needs to be applied. It lies at the heart of food science and technology, and it is the main purpose of food processing.

Why Preservation? To overcome inappropriate planning in agriculture, To produce value-added products, To provide variation in diet …

Various stages of food production, manufacture, storage, distribution, and sale

Quality Loss Major Quality-Loss Reactions of Foods

Factors affecting food quality, safety, and choice Factors affecting food quality, safety, and choice

Causes of Deterioration Organisms That Spoil Foods

Quality Loss Storage Life of Some Fresh Foods at Normal Atmospheric Conditions

Food Preservation Methods

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