Production of Tahini

  • Sesame is shifted

  • It is washed and waited in water (it is waited in pool about 11hr).

  • Wetted sesame is peeled by peeling machine (2.5-3 kg of sand is added in sesame in peeling machine.Sesame is separated from its outer covering about 20-25 min).

  • It is transported from peeling machine to salt water pool (ratio of salt in pool is 14 be).

  • This process is repeated(ratio of salt in this pool is 9 be)

  • It is washed again .

  • Transferred to drying machine.

  • Dry sesame is transferred to fry pan for cooking.

  • Cooked sesame is sifted.

  • It is transported to pool for cooking and waited about 1-2 hours.

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