Processing Lines “Sugar” Sugar Cane ( Hector Garza )

“Sugar” Sugar cane

What we call sugar, the chemist knows as ‘sucrose’, one of the family of sugars otherwise known as saccharides in the grouping called carbohydrates
Sucrose, C12H22O11, is a disaccharide, a condensation molecule made up of two glucose molecules
The process whereby plants make sugars is photosynthesis.
12 CO2 + 11 H2 O = C12 H22 O11 + 12 O2
carbon dioxide + water = sucrose + oxygen
Sugar cane process
The sugar process is divided
1 Entry or transportation of the sugar cane
2 Milling
3 Clarification
4 Evaporation
5 Crystallization
6 Separation
7 Refining
8 Drying
9 Storage

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